Simple to connect

PC, Apple, or Sun

Small size

Application transparent




  • Extends keyboard, mouse, and monitor up to 250 feet from computer
  • Available for PC/Unix, Apple, or Sun computers
  • Up to 1280 by 1024 resolution
  • Available in four applications
  • Computer to keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Computer to Rose switch
  • Rose switch to keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Rose switch to Rose switch
  • Small size
  • Kits contain a ViewLink transmitter and receiver; any necessary cables to the CPU, keyboard, monitor, and mouse; and a power transformer where necessary
  • Order the link cable separately
  • Direct connect to Rose switches
  • Application transparent
  • LED indicator shows that ViewLink is receiving proper power
  • Available for longer distances, contact Rose for more details
  • One year warranty
  • Made in USA


The ViewLink allows you to extend your keyboard, monitor display and mouse up to 250 feet away. ViewLink comes in a kit that includes a transmitter and receiver, keyboard and CPU cabling and a power transformer (if required). ViewLink units are connected by coax cable which is ordered separately.

ViewLink is a small, convenient, and extremely versatile extension unit. In addition to extending your KVM away from your computer, you can use ViewLink to connect a computer to a switch, a switch to a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, or you can connect a Rose switch to a Rose switch.

Since the ViewLink attaches directly to the DB25 port on any switch, it is a convenient method to extend either the computer or KVM port of a Rose switch. Please also check out CrystalView which extends your KVM up to 1000 feet from your computer using twisted pair cable. Give us a call us to discuss your extension application.

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